Reviews for the Duo's Debut Album, Cold Dark Matter: Music for Cello & Guitar

What a great record, I love the Bogdanovic pieces. Really beautiful playing throughout the CD, expressive, poignant in places and ballsy when it needs to be.
— Stephen Goss [July 2013]
Everything is performed with excellence and sensitivity. I especially like the beautiful tone and the sense of lyricism, though the virtuosity of both is apparent.
— Dusan Bogdanovic [July 2013]
They are brilliant... Great music and a very living interpretation.
— Jaime Zenamon [July 2013]
Wit and imagination.
— The Strad [October 2013]
Patterson and Sutton play with exquisite grace... full-bodied expression that will enchant.
— Maria Nockin, Fanfare [November/December 2013]
Well played and contains no transcriptions. Thoughtful and sensitive... finishes with a bang.
— David Moore, American Record Guide [January/Febuary 2014]


Performance Reviews

“Hearing Kimberly and Patrick’s duo was a highlight for me at the 2016 GFA. I was amazed by their ability to achieve a perfect balance. Kimberly played with a gorgeous and colorful sound that never seemed inhibited by the logistics of playing with the reputedly more delicate classical guitar. On the contrary, Patrick’s playing was so vibrant that their equal partnership was announced from the first phrase. I know their performance of Dusan Bogdanovic’s four pieces would have brought a big smile to the composer’s face and I was sitting next to Steve Goss when they played his heartbreaking Autumn song. He told me that nobody has ever played it better! The beautiful world of cello and guitar music is currently underrepresented but I don’t think that will be the case much longer as Kimberly and Patrick continue to forge their inspired trail.
— Marc Teicholz
Both of these musicians played with a great deal of excitement and spirit, and their sense of ensemble was well-nigh perfect. It was absolutely gorgeous playing. They played so very well together, their dynamics and phrasing were so good… the musical world needs performers such as these two.
— Opus Colorado [September 2011]