Cold Dark Matter - Music for Cello & Guitar [Dusan Bogdanovic, Radames Gnattali, Stephen Goss and Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon]
By Patterson/Sutton Duo, Kimberly Patterson (violoncello), Patrick Sutton (guitar)

The Patterson/Sutton Duo's debut album, Cold Dark Matter: Music for Cello & Guitar, is unique in that all of the pieces are originally written for cello and guitar. The idea of a cello and guitar album is a bit foreign to most of us, and this collection of pieces takes us on a tour of the textual and sonic possibilities that exist between the two instruments. The album seeks to illuminate underplayed pieces and an underplayed genre. On both, we shed new light.

"Cold Dark Matter" serves as a metaphor: Cornelia Parker's work depicts a garden shed and its contents held in suspended animation after an explosion. Familiar objects are seen in an unfamiliar circumstance and from a new perspective, much like the combination of our two very familiar instruments.

  Cold Dark Matter:
Music for Cello & Guitar

Dusan Bogdanovic (1955-)
Quatre Pieces Intimes (1979)
  Le Harpe de David

Radames Gnattali (1906-1987)
Sonata for Cello and Guitar (1969)
  Allegretto comodo
  Con spirito

 Stephen Goss (1964-)

Park of Idols (2005)
  Jump Start
  Cold Dark Matter
  Fractured Loop
  Malabar Hill
  The Raw

Jaime Zenamon (1953-)
Reflexões No. 6 (1986)

What a great record, I love the Bogdanovic pieces. Really beautiful playing throughout the CD, expressive, poignant in places and ballsy when it needs to be.
— Stephen Goss [July 2013]